A service designed with attention to detail in the room as the restaurant where the specialties of local and regional cuisine are combined with the finest dishes of international cuisine.
The flagship of its cuisine is strictly a housewife, managed and run directly by the owners: the proposals of the three daily menus ranging from local to international dishes typical specialties of vegetable. The exquisite dishes prepared with local products are served at both lunch and dinner every day of the week. A rich buffet of vegetables and side dishes warm, directly served by the staff, complete the offer of the restaurant.

Even for a splendid buffet breakfast is full of food, to start your day for everyone.

The staff responds to every request with regard to the catering service, with the possibility of personalized menus

The structure of the restaurant is very suitable for large rooms riceviminti yet not distracting and are characterized by a mix of aggregate and privacy.

For those who want more peace of mind for customers and we provide a most romantic feature private rooms.

For those who have children and do not want to disturb the remaining score another room perfectly suited for celebrations of birthdays, with entertainment on demand